About 'Us'

Throughout the website we are referred to as "we" in everything that concerns "euro-lottery-stats" which makes it easier and more coherent in all text contents used throughout it.

In fact, in real life "we" are just a single one person with (too) many hours dedicated to the creation of this website in continuous development, from its structure, its ease of use, its responsive design on multiple devices with multiple screens dimensions, its contents, its translations into 3 distinct languages, its maintenance of at least 4x per week with regards to the timely collection of the 2x results of 2x lotteries EuroMillions and EuroDreams, the recalculation of all statistical data, the uploading of the newly statistical data to the server and also all maintenance and costs associated with hosting, domain name registration and SSL certificate necessary for the normal functioning of the entire website.

About Me

Now in the first-person perspective, I am somewhat enthusiastic about the lotteries subject and I also have a lots of years of experience in programming, hence the idea of sharing some lottery statistics and patterns of my own experiences with the entire universe of enthusiastic people like me and/or who just have some curiosity about the subject and/or who just need to generate numbers to bet on an upcoming draw.

It's "Me, Myself, and I" doing a little bit of everything, in my free time during the week or weekends where I have to find addittional spare time to update the site, add and improve existing pages and even carry out new developments. Most of the time, after a brief test, updates are promptly posted online, which in some rare cases may contain an error that will only be detected and fixed in the following day or days. Even so, if you detect an "error" that has persisted for a few days, please get in touch and Thank You very much in advance!

I wish I had knowledge of other languages as I do and work on a daily basis in distinct programming languages, but that doesn't seem to be the case, so I'm not a linguist or polyglot and I apologize for any misspelled words, grammatical errors or poor translations you may find throughout the site.

I am a very accessible person, so don't be afraid or hesitate to get in touch for any other matters regarding "euro-lottery-stats", including comments about things you like or don't like, things that should work differently, questions about something you didn't understand, suggestions for new features and in return I will do my best to reply promptly.

I assure you that I will consider all emails, comments, suggestions seriously and to implement those that align with my vision and/or the overall vision and goals of this website and/or those that improve the user experience for everyone using this website.

To get in touch, please see the Contact page.

If you're reading this last last line... Thank You very much for taking the time to read a little bit about me and this website!