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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Terms used throughout the website.

Horizontal Patterns (H)

The Horizontal Patterns (H) correspond to the count of numbers drawn on each horizontal group.
The obtained pattern (ex. 10201) is sorted in ascending order (00112), the leading zeros are removed resulting in (ex. 112).

  • In EuroMillions and EuroDreams, Ball Numbers are grouped every 10 Ball Numbers.
  • In EuroMillions, Lucky Stars are grouped every y 3 Lucky Stars.
  • In EuroDreams, Dream Numbers are grouped every 1 Dream Number.

Vertical Patterns (V)

Vertical Patterns (V) correspond to the interval (gap) count, same column, same vertical direction of previous draws occurrences.
The interval (gap) can take values ​​between '1' (previous draw). '4' (4 draws ago) and even '*' which represents more than 4 draws.
The obtained pattern (ex. 1*2*11) is sorted in ascending order (**1112) and the '*' are kept to reinforce their distance.